Product Improvement Report (May, 2024)

Product Improvement Report (May, 2024)

The following are potential problems that we have discovered and recorded. Hope they can give you some reference before buying.

Future reports will include more after-sales issues reported by customers.

If you want to improve your own products, you can also take it as a reference.

1.SD1 tube door - Bumpstop may damage
We did find a problem with our bump stop rubber being too soft, and after multiple hard openings and closings (we used it frequently for about two months). The rubber tip has begun to break, and in severe cases, the screws inside are exposed, especially on the front door.

SOLUTIONS: We provide 4 extra bump stops per pair of tube doors for replacement and are already looking for stronger and more durable ones. 


you run out of spare bump stops, please contact us

to get you some new ones.





2.SD1 tube door - Foam glue may overflow from the rivets

We use foam glue to stick to the tiny welding slag in the steel pipe that cannot be removed, so as to prevent them from clanking when shaking.
But you may find that foam glue overflows from the rivets after opening the package, because we did not wait for it to overflow completely after spraying the foam glue before sealing the box.
As a result, even if we have wiped it as clean as possible when packing, they still continue to overflow in the box. 

SOLUTIONS:Don't worry, it will not affect the use, just wipe them off with a wet rag.

The subsequent tube door will be left to stand for a while after the foam glue is applied before sealing the box.

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