Product Improvement Report (June, 2024)

Product Improvement Report (June, 2024)

The following are potential problems that we have discovered and recorded. Hope they can give you some reference before buying.

Future reports will include more after-sales issues reported by customers.

If you want to improve your own products, you can also take it as a reference.

1.SD1 tube door - The latch handle was deformed during transportation
Some customers reported that the door latch handle was deformed during transportation, making it difficult to open the door.The problem is mainly concentrated on the front door. So far, there has been no case of problems with the rear door latch.


We provide a replacement latch to every customer whose latch has deformed. Due to a change in supplier, we have switched to a one-piece latch with a shorter handle, which customers can replace themselves.


We will no longer pre-install the latches in future batches, but will require customers to install them themselves.







2.SD1 tube door - Doors bumped into each other during transportation, causing paint damage.

Some customers reported paint damage on the inside near the curved steel pipe of the front door. The location was similar for all customers.


 Image previewImage preview



SOLUTIONS: We have asked the factory to strengthen the thickness of the packaging to avoid potential paint damage


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